Our Lifestyle

Whether you enjoy the action of boating, kayaking, fishing, cycling, swimming and flora and fauna conservation, or the quieter pursuits of the fine arts, exhibitions, music, photography and community gardens there is something for everyone on Russell and its neighbouring islands. Did you know that Russell Island has its own solar-heated swim centre, salt water swimming enclosure, a school, modern community centre, public library and more? Just think of leisure and recreation and it's here...and you get to meet great people too. There is simply no excuse for being idle when you're an islander.

There is a sense of community that pervades island life and a host of community organisations, clubs and venues that will warmly welcome you...and shopping's a breeze too. No need to travel to the mainland for specialty shopping or that important gift idea. Many newcomers are surprised to discover the islands are serviced by a host of retail outlets and businesses that will satisfy the most discerning buyer. Visitors and tourists can also enjoy a choice of motel and B&B accommodation for their stay and if you are a boatie, your provisions are all just a short walk to the town centre from the water.

The opportunity to enjoy a balanced and complete island lifestyle is priceless.